Customizing Your DIY Design Journal

DIY Design Journals are designed to help you stay super-organized, by keeping all your design ideas and inspirations for your next home decorating project in one handy place.

We've included some blank pages in every DIY Design Journal where you can tape, paste, staple or clip your product ideas, floor plans, design inspirations and more. 

But we like to add a little more to our Design Journals, to make them work even harder for us during the design process.

Here are some ideas for customizing your DIY Design Journal and amping up its organizing power.

Once you've printed your DIY Design Journal, you have some options for keeping it all together. There's the very basic, classic, single top staple (below, left). Or maybe you prefer side-stapling your DIY Design Journal, for more of a workbook look and feel:

Stapling your DIY Design Journal is a super easy and inexpensive way to get up and running quickly with your design ideas. Consider stapling in some letter-size envelopes to hold your product ideas, printouts and samples.

If you don't want to staple your DIY Design Journal together, preferring to keep the pages loose, or maybe you've only print out the collage pages, find a nice sturdy folder and keep your DIY Design Journal pages there. Then you'll keep your papers together nicely, and still have plenty of storage and organization options.

Our personal favorite is to put your DIY Design Journal into a 3-ring binder and add some folders or tabs to make it even more useful:

Customize your Mini-Size DIY Design Journal with a mini-binder

Above, we've printed out our Mini-Size Ombre Stripes DIY Design Journal and put it in Avery's Protect & Store mini-size binder. These binders are nice because they come with a handy expandable pocket at the front (see above). It's a great way to keep fabric swatches, product samples and paint cards easily available as you use your Design Journal. At the back of the mini-binder, we've added a zipper pouch by Day-Timer to hold a small tape measure, some double-stick tape, a ruler, pen, pencil and more. (In fact, lots of planner tools work great for customizing your Mini-Size DIY Design Journals. Try Avery's mini-binder folders, page protectors and paper, or Franklin Planners's planner-sized page-finders.)

We love using 3-ring binders with our Letter Sized DIY Design Journals, too. Here, we've put our Iconic Letter-Sized DIY Design Journal in a recycled cardboard 3-ring Rebinder by Guided Products. We've added tabs for organization, and some clear poly-folders to hold fabric and paint samples, and more.

Customize your letter size DIY Design Journal with a 3-ring binder, tabs and folders.

The nice thing about using 3-ring binders to hold your DIY Design Journals, is that you can always add pages as needed. Add tabs for organizing, add pocket folders or zip pouches -- it's just a really easy way to customize your DIY Design Journals for precisely how you like to work. 

Scrapbooking supplies can also be used successfully with your DIY Design Journals. The possibilities for customization are endless. Think of the customization process as part of your creative "exercise" for redecorating your home. Use your DIY Design Journal to help you get excited about the design process, by making it just your own -- just like you'll do with your home.

How will you customize your DIY Design Journal?

We hope you'll share your ideas with us. Let us know in the comments below how you customize your DIY Design Journals, how you're using them, and show us your redecorating projects. Use #MyDIYDesignJournal on Instagram and we may feature your project on your website! 

Happy decorating!

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