Printing Your DIY Design Journal

Print Your DIY Design Journal and start decorating today

If you have a home printer and you are comfortable printing your own files, then printing your DIY Design Journal will be a breeze.

To download and view your file for printing, you'll need to install the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader onto your home computer. You'll that application free of charge via Adobe's website here.

If your home printer will print double-sided (i.e. duplex printing), then we recommend you can save some trees and print your DIY Design Journal double-sided. Our Lettter Size Design Journals are 36 pages long, so they'll require 18 sheets of paper if you print double-sided.

Our Mini-Sized DIY Design Journals are 56 pages long, but are intended to print on half-sheets of letter-sized paper. That means you'll print 4 pages per sheet of paper (double-sided) and you'll use 14 sheets of paper in all. 

The beauty of our printable PDF files is that you can print additional pages if you want or need to. For example, you might want to print extra layout pages for your Color Inspirations or extra Furniture product pages for all your new furniture ideas. We designed our DIY Design Journals to be super flexible and highly customizable, so you can use them however makes sense for you. 

Adobe's Acrobat Reader software has a variety of printing options built into it, and the specifics of how you can print your DIY Design Journals really depend on your own printer's capabilities and your own personal preferences.

If you are uncertain if your printer can handle booklet printing, then check your User's Manual. Can't find it? (Been there, done that!) You can likely find your printer's User Manual online by searching in your favorite search engine.

We recommend you do some test printing before you get started. Then, you'll have confidence that your DIY Design Journal will print out properly without killing too many trees in the process. 

We've put together some very detailed printing instructions, should you need them.

For detailed print instructions for our Letter Size DIY Design Journals, click here.

For detailed print instructions for our Mini-Size DIY Design Journals, click here.

Don't want to print your own DIY Design Journal? There's absolutely no need to print your DIY Design Journal if you really don't want to. Simply install Adobe Reader on your computer, download and save your DIY Design Journal to your own computer, then grab a notebook or sketchbook and follow along. 

No matter how you print and use your DIY Design Journal, we'd love to see it! Share your photos on Instagram with #MyDIYDesignJournal and we might feature your project here on our site.

Happy decorating! 

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